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Anendlessocean- Decagon

Nigerian music gbolons Anendlessocean, wen every know for him hit song ‘Nazarene,’ wen go viral don show back with him first album, ‘Decagon.’ Anendlessocean’s record as one talented producer and musician dey speak well for am, and this new project go win the hearts of him audience again.

The wait wen people don dey wait since the countdown start for the release of ‘Decagon don finally set.’ The album, wen he release on August 18, 2023, before now make fans dey mark their calendars ever since the announcement on July 25th, 2023.

The other songs wen he release for 2023, like ‘Alone,’ ‘JI,’ and ‘Exchange,’ don make way for Anendlessocean upcoming album. These songs plus including others, dey for the tracklist for the ‘Decagon’ album, and na collection of soul-lifting melodies and make sense lyrics.

Anendlessocean musical journey don be one of evolution and exploration. He make one ogbonge impact with him ‘APEIROGON’ EP for d year 2021, when showcase him weakness, passion, and faith. This 5-track EP, wen feature collaborations with the talented vocalist Waje, demonstrate him ability to connect with listeners on one deeply emotional level.

With hits like ‘Nazarene’ and ‘C’est La Vie’ wen don already dey gain attention, Anendlessocean journey don continue to dey progress for the world of gospel music. Him skill for blending spirituality with musical skill don strongly establish am as a rising star for the Nigerian music scene.

Tracklist for ‘Decagon’ Album:

L.N.B (Life Not Borrowed)




What We Have

Ibquake’s Interlude






Listeners go fit enjoy the ‘Decagon’ album, wen promise to be one musical journey wen dey filled with spiritual depth and artistic brilliance.




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