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Court don stop NBC from placing fines on broadcast stations

The Federal High Court for Abuja don declare the provisions of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code wen dey authorise the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to place fines on broadcast stations if dem go against the Code null and void as d court rule say administrative and regulatory bodies no go fit exercise judicial powers.

Wen Justice Rita Ofili-Ajumogobia dey deliver d judgement for inside one suit wen d Media Rights Agenda (MRA) tender against NBC after the Commission place fines of N5 million each on top one television station and three pay-TV platforms for 2022 becos of d report wen play say dem undermine Naija national security by broadcasting documentaries on banditry for Nigeria, she come talk say the NBC, wen no be court of law, act above their powers by placing such fines.

The judge come hail d MRA for the way wen dem take drag NBC go court and na so she come give order wen dey stop the Commission or anybody wen dey act on their behalf from further placing any fine on any media platform or broadcast station for Nigeria for any offence wen dem go commit under the Nigeria Broadcasting Code.


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