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Delta State Start Task Force Against Land Grabbers

Govinor Sherrif Oborewori don set up task force wey go scatter any kind structure wey dey ontop land wey govimet get.

Di Govinor, wey hin dey put di new force nai he read di riot act to di force for dem to make sure say any illegal structures wey dey ontop land wey suppose be for govimet, dem remove am kpatakpata.

Pipo wey dey di committee na Mr. Frank Omare nai be di Chairman, Hon. David Tonwe, Mr. Emmanuel Chinye, Hon. Jaro Egbo, Chief Godspower Asiuwhu, pipo from Ministry of Lands and Survey, Ministry of Urban Renewal, then Mr. Chukwuka Imarhia nai go be di seke of di task and dem work don start.

Resin wey make Oborewori put dis task force on Tuesday, na cus of di amebo wey dem dey hear say pipo dey grab land wey dem nor get.

Na di deputy Govinor of di state, Sir Monday Onyeme nai come stand in for Govinor Oborewori. He come dey shout say govimet don even notice say land wey dem give skools and govimet ventures, dis land grabbers don dey take enta di boundary.

Onyeme say many pipo nor get right to dem own land again cus of so called land grabbers, some of dem don even turn di land wey dem grab to small estate.

And if dem nor do sumtin now nai be say e go bad tomorrow, cus e dey even spoil di development plan of di city.

Na that one be di full resin wey make Govimet set up di tsk force to scatter structures wey nor suppose dey for a particular land.


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