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Ghana Chef Don Dey Do Her Own Cook-a-thon

Afta Afua don do singing competition for Guinness World Record just few days ago, anoda Ghanaian pesin, Chef Faila Abdul Razak don start her own cooking competition.

Na on watching nite day nai she start to dey cook as some pipo dey cross over for church, some for club, di Chef dey her lane dey attempt her cooking wey go last for five days.

As Faila dey do her cooking di tin dey show for her bodi say she wan ready to really win di title.

She dey wan use five days take cook pass di 119 hours and 57 minutes wey di current pesin dey hold now, as she wan cook for 120 hours or even pass so.

Remember say na for 2023 nai Cook-a-thon come dey rain like pure water afta Nigeria Chef, Hilda Baci break GWR for longest cooking time.

Before e nor too tay nai one chef from Irish come win di title komot from her hand for. And now Ghana Chef don ready to break her own.




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