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Imo Police Don Arrest NLC President

Police don catch Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, president, Joe Ajaero, for Imo State as dem dey do protest.

As dem dey do di protest nai jaguda start to dey scatter pipo wey dey protest motor and dey injured dem, na that process nai police take drag Ajaero komot.

Na late for Tuesday nite October 31, 2023, nai di NLC president take tell all di union members for Imo State make dem close all sectors weda na for land, water or air and come out for protest today.

Di resin for di protest na say Hope Uzodimma govimet nor dey do well to pensioners and workers for di state, never pay dem for three years and six months now, and even say some na ghost workers.

Ajaero say di govimet nor dey resin how tins dey even go for di workers as many of dem don die cus no salary to survive.




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