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Lawyer Wey Beat Wife For Akwa Ibom Don Enta Police Hand

Police for Akwa Ibom don arrest di lawyer, Mr Ekere Ebong, wey dey beat in wife for Uyo for nite.

Na for weekend nai di video of Ebong take dey fly for social media as he dey give beta kposing and upper cut to di wife for middle of di nite.

For inside di video di woman wear only pant and small top dey cry for ground with blood wey dey come out from her mouth, dey beg di husband make e nor beat her again.

Na dem neighbors nai come to save di woman from her tiger husband wey be lawyer.

Di voice wey dey come out from di video, one of di neighbors say na since four years wey he start to stay close nai di lawyer dey always beat di woman for nite.

As police eye reach di video nai dem bring statement on Monday through dem tok pesin, Odiko Macdon say dem know di lawyer as wife beater for many years.

“As awa work na to protect life and property , we nor go fit dey allow Barrister Ebong to dey do pipo anyhow, cus of that di Commissioner of Police, CP Olatoye Durosinmi don send us to arrest am before he go kill pesin.

“CP don warn pipo from di state make dem komot bodi from wahala, then make family members dey try solve dem problem in peace instead of to dey use am turn to fight.”

Macdon say dem don already ready to karey di lawyer go court afta police finish dem investigation.




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