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Make Una Nor Dey Waylay Us Again – Truck Drivers Beg

Pipo don too tiff food wey truck drivers dey karey go other parts of di state, sake of say hunger nor be man mate.

No be news say food don dear for market and some pipo sef dey find am hard to eat teree times a day nai make if pipo get chance see truck wey karey food stuffs dem don seize am karey all di food.

For Abuja and some side for North jaguda boys dey break warehouse karey food wey dem go fit arrange for belle.

Di tin don too much for truck drivers sotay di  National President of Nigerian Association of Road Transport Owners, Yusuf Othman, say dem go soon strike with di way pipo dey tiff dem load.

Wey Othman dey tok to Tori pipo on Tuesday, he say di way pipo take dey attack dem nor gud as di insurance wey dem take dey karey di goods nor cover for all di kind waylay wey dem dey see for road.

Naso e come dey beg pipo make dem stop to dey attack trucks cus if dis kind trend kwatinue nai be say dem nor go dey transport food again and that one sef go make mata worse pass as e dey.


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