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Na Lie No Bodi Try To Kill Me, Yahaya Bello

So di govinor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello, say nor be true say pipo try to kill am.

One tori start to fly online yesterday, Sunday, say na God nai save Bello make bad jaguda boys wey dem hire nor kill am, as hin dey go Abuja for one official assignment.

Dis one na base on statement wey di Kogi State Commissioner for Information, Kingsley Fanwo, put say na around 4’0clock on Sunday, October 22 nai di attack take happen.

“Di attackers wear military uniforms naso dem take waylay di govinor convoy, start to dey shoot him motor and all di motor wey dey di convoy. Na with di sharp epp of di security wey dey with di govinor nai dem take pursue di fake sodjas,” na wwtin dey for di statement.

But for live video wey di govinor come laslas do for Facebook, Bello say notin like say some pipo try to kill am.

He say some pipo go just turn am now to anoda tin, and that one na just fake news wey nor go do am any good cus notin happen like say jaguda boys dress like sodjas waylay am for road to kill am.

“No be say small gbege nor happen with di military and police wey dey waka with me. But dem place am sharply and e nor even reach 5minutes,” na wetin Bello tok for di live video.



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