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Na Di World I Wan Do Film For, Black Book Director

Di Nigeria action film wey full pipo mouth, ‘The Black Book’, dey for nuba 10 for film wey dem use English take write for Netflix and on top nuba 3 nai e stilldey afta di second week wey di film come out.

Na for September 22 nai Black Book take come outside and before two days go reach more than 5.6 million pipo don watch am and di second week na 69 kontris nai son see di film with 19 different language.

Wetin di Director of di film, Editi Effiong tok be say na wetin di pipo wan do di film like, na so e really go.

Na pipo wey sabi and know tins inside technology for Nigeria nai gada dem $1 million take put inside di film.

“’The Black Book just dey stand for di back of all those awa producers wey don dey before. Na do next step be dis, notin dey different, na just say di industry dey grow.

“Di industry dey where di world nid to know. Why cus ‘The Black Book’ na black pipo act am, na black produce am, na black movie dey inside 100%. And e don blow for di whole world.”

Dis film wey dey make waves so na Editi Effiong first film to direct, and e dey tok about one deacon wey fight some bad police cus of hin son wey dem lie for hin head say he kidnap pesin.

Effiong come tok about African way of telling story: “Wetin I see be say African still get many story to tell. Di story wey Africa dey tell, e dey touch pesin spirit and na about family and human being.

“Sorry full di way we take dey tell story. And I believe say na wetin di world nid pass be that.

“Di industry dey one kind palce where no time dey for excuse, we fit do story for di whole world. And naiem make dey here,”. Naso Effiong tok.




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