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No Sign LGBT Law, Ghana Finance Minister Beg President

Ghana parliament don pass bill against LGBT communities but di problem wey dey be say some pipo inside di kontri dey fear say with di way di tin dey go if President Nana Akufo-Addo sign di bill to law e go be double wahala for deadi bodi.

Di Finance Minister for e won side don say e never tay wey International Monetary Fund just bail dem out from problem with moni, come dey fear say di $3.8 billion wey World Bank wan give di kontri for dem to use for five to six years fit get k-leg.

Di Finance Ministry say na di future stage of back fire from international bodis against why Ghana go tell LGBT make dem nor dey show demsef for di kontri nai make dem nor want make President Akufo-Addo sign di law.

With di bill wey di parliament tok for di bill and bodi wey dem catch say hin join LGBT na teree years for prison then any pesin wey promot LGBT na give years jail.

Na President Akufo-Addo signature nai dem dey wait for am to sign before 6 days go finish or if he nor want afta 14 days hin go tok resin why he nor gree.

As di Presido of Ghana, hin don ready to meet with stakeholder make dem know di best way to go about di law.

No forget say International communities like the UK and USA don dey press Ghana head just like dem do Uganda wey pass law again LGBT.



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