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Okuama Fire: Shame Suppose Dey Catch Army Pipo, Lawyer Farotimi

Lawyer and human rights activist, Dele Farotimi and Femi Falana two human right lawyers don tok how e be dem concerning di hass wey army burn afta 16 sojas die for Okuama village.

On Sunday for inside X nai Farotimi he say e nor gud as di sojas die but burning di village nor be im be di best as army suppose use shame take hide dem face.

He say he nor dey support wetin di some boys for di community do but nor be em go make military go destroy innocent pipo wey dem hand nor join.

For Femi Falana own, hin too say make dem find di pipo wey go kill di sojas and do sojas wey go burn di village.

Cus e just be like wetin hapun for Odi village for Bayelsa and di one for Benue wey army go kill innocent pipo to replace di life of dem sojas.

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