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Anoda Chef Don Take GWR From Hilda Baci

One Alan Fisher, wey dey cook for hin own restaurant for Japan but hin na from Ireland don win Guinness World Record title for two tins wey he cook di same time.

Chef Fisher win di longest cooking wey only one pesin do as he cook for 119 hours and 57 minutes.

Di time wey chef Fisher take cook use 24hours take beat Nigeria chef Hilda Baci time.

Apart from di cooking title, Alan still win longest time wey one pesin bake with  47 hours 21 minutes, he use that time take win baker Wendy Sandner from USA with 31 hours 16 minutes.

With different wey touch kind about Alan cook-a-thon be say as hin dey cook, he dey bake too. Nai be say hin dey for kitchen for over 160 hours with just one day of rest wey he go dey get in between.




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