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Army Dey Find 8 Pipo Wey Kill Dem Sojas For Okuama

Na 8 pipo nai di headkwata of Army say dem dey find, cus dem hand dey for di sojas wey die for Okuama village.

Know say na yesterday for Abuja nai dem bury di 17 sojas for National Cemetery with President Tinubu, di family members and other military pesin wey come to tell di deas sojas bye bye.

For list wey di Defence Headkwata bring out on Thursday for Abuja nai dem take drop di pipo name as:

Prof. Ekpekpo Arthur

Andaowei Dennis Bakriri

Akevwru Daniel Omotegbo (a.k.a Amagben)

Akata Malawa David

Sinclair Oliki

Clement Ikolo Ogenerukeywe

Reuben Baru

Igoli Ebi

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