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As We Plenty Go COP-28 For Dubai E Nor Bad For Awa Name –FG

Afta di many back lash wey don troway for di head of Federal Govimet cus of di 1400 pipo wey pack like sardine folow dem go do COP-28 for Dubai, United Arab Emirates, dem don come out to explain for world pipo.

On Monday nai di Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, bring statement where Federal Govimet dey explain say di nuba of pipo wey go nor bad.

Small side of di statement be: “Federal Govimet don see una complain about di nuba of pipo from Nigeria wey go di Climate Summit for Dubai, COP-28, we wan make am clear cus awa own govimet like openes for anytin wey concern public.

“Di Convention of Parties (COP) to United Nations Framework Convention ontop Climate Change (UNFCCC) mata, nai be one of di world Climate Change Conference, wey like more than 70,000 pipo nai come dis year from over 100 company.

“Di pipo wey Nigeria karey go nor bad cus na so e suppose be base on awa standard of how we stand for Africa and Maya wey concern climate.

“Pipo wey go na govimet officials, pipo wey come from private sector, civil society, voluntary sector, state govimet, media, multilateral institutions, pipo from marginalised communities, and others.”

FG say out of 1400 pipo wey folow waka na only 422 nai govimet pay for and dem be from federal and state level, while di other ones dem be from private companies, NGOs, CSOs, Media etc, and nor be govimet nai sponsor dem.



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