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Beta To End AMCON As E Nor Dey Get Gain,  Senators

Senators say dem nor dey happy at all with wetin dey happen for Assets Management Company of Nigeria, AMCON, and e go beta to just scrap am make e nor dey exist again.

On Wednesday nai di Managing Director of AMCON, Ahmed Kuru, join with he team of management team go meet di Senate Committee wey dey in charge of Banking, Insurance and other Financial Institutions and na Senator Adetokunbo Abiru nai dey head di committee.

Di lawmakers just dey vex for how di company don lost moni wey pass N146 billion for just 12months.

Dem say for 13 years, back to back do company never fit bring any profit but instead na lost dem dey record.

Senator Sani Musa say afta hin don look di balance sheet of AMCON and say big difference.

“I dey see say di balance sheet, wetin dey for profit and lost side, di tin nor dey balance at all. Many nubas wey dey just dey show say nor gain.

“How we wan take kwatinue like dis? If we dey do like dis afta 13 years, then nai be say dem get to look di amendment Act wey bring AMCON or beta make dem just komot am kpatakpata. Our bad loan plan wey we don kolet, na free dem give am out. And we never see anytin from di regulator,” naso di senators tok as dem dey vex.



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