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Foreign movies naim Nigerians want for cinemas

President of Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria (CEAN) Mr Patrick Lee don talk say Nigeria cinemas dey show more foreign movies instead of Nigerian movie because na wetin customers wan see be dat. He yarn this one unto say some Nollywood producers dey accuse cinemas say dem dey kill local movies as dem dey show many foreign movies. For one recent survey wen dem carry out the type of films wey people dey like dem see say 50 percent dey like action movies while 70 percent dey like watch thrillers and romance movies.

Mr Lee talk say people like films wey get special effects and stars with good storyline, he say foreign films get all these qualities pass Nigerian movies naim make Nigerians dey demand for the films. He con suggest say make federal govt add money make the amount of money people dey pay to watch Nigeria films come down.

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