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Govimet Sell Zungeru Power Plant to Private Company

Federal Govimet of Nigeria don las las transfer Zungeru hydroelectric power plant give private company, Penstock Limited.

Resin wey make FG transfer di power plant to private company na to increase di amount of power wey Nigeria dey produce.

According to statement wey Stanley Nkwocha sign, di senior special assistant to Vice-President ontop media and communications, govimet say why dem do so na make dem for fit meet di demand of lite wey pipo want for di nation.

Na last year December 13, 2023 nai di Bureau of Public Enterprises sign di agreement with Penstock limited to transfer di work to dem fully.

As Nation Council on Privatisation don approve and di private company wey dey buy don pay 50 percent of di price for January 2024, nai FG turn table give dem.

Di Zungeru power plant dey produce 740 megawatt (MW) and e dey for upper and middle side of River Kaduna for Niger State.

And dis Zungeru hydroelectric power plant nai be di biggest for Nigeria. Normally e suppose dey produce  2.64 billion kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity every year.

Nai be di amount of like 10 percent of wetin Nigeria pipo dey use for lite.


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