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Komot Lite Subsidy, IMF Tell FG

Even with di shege banza pro max wey dey show Nigerians for di present economy, wey poor man nor fit even buy bag of rice, di International Monetary Fund (IMF) dey give dem own gold advise to President Bola Tinubu make e close kpatakpata subsidy from electricity.

Wetin IMF mean be say, federal govimet don put too much stress for demsef sotay dem don tire, naiem dem dey say make Federal Govimet komot kapatata di small subsidy wey still dey for fuel and lite so dat dem fit get freah air breath well.

Na for inside report wey IMF bring come out for dem Post Financing Assement, PFA, nai e take dey inside.

Remember say na for May 2023 nai Presido Tinubu take komot subsidy immediately dem just swear am in.

IMF say Govimet don try wella but for dem to over try den fuel and lite subsidy must shift go one side.

All dis suggestion dey come from Bretton Woods Institution say dem dey try to epp Nigeria get stable for e economy cus only last year from January to September di moni wey lite subsidy take na N375.8 billion while pipo wey use pay N782.6bn.


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