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Nurses Protest For Abuja Against NMCN New Rule

Dem never cry ball mata finish nurse wey dey under di Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria, NMCN, don match enta street for Abuja say dem nor go gree until dem say change for dem professsion.

Di nurses dem karey different sign paper wey dey tok about di oppression wey dem dey face, say make Govimet stop that verification guidelines for nurse and midwife certification.

Di rule of di guidelines say all nurse and midwife wey dem give certificate must work for two years for Nigeria before dem fit apply to any other foreign nursing council.

Nurse don tik am back and front nai dem say dem nor fit bear am again, enta road on Monday dey match go NMCN office to change di law.

That one nor be even di main mata cus NMCN wey suppose to stand on e own, tell di nurse and midwife say dem must bring standing order from their place of work CEO and last skool wey any nurse go.

Nai dem karey placards dey protest against that kind rules and regulations wey nor go benefit dem. Say instead make govimet put eye for di welfare and other tins wey nurses dey face for di kontri.


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