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Nigerian Pesin Use Hand Make Longest Wig—GWR

One Helen Williams don break record for longest wig wey dem use hand make, as Guinness World Record share di news for X on Tuesday.

Di wig na 11 days she take finish am, e long reach 351.28 metres nai be 1,152 ft 5inches, then she use pass N200,000.

Helen don dey do wig for eight years and a week she dey do like 50 to 300 wig dey sell.

According to GWR wey she dey do di wig cap net she put am for bicycle helmet and na 1,000 bundles of hair, 12 can of hair spray, 35 tube of hair glue, and 6,250 hair clips take do di wig.

She say na cus of say she don get experience for how to make wig for years nai epp her for di process to take find di material to use.

No be say she nor get wetin shake her for di process, na how to find where to put di wig for straight line and measure cus all di place wey she go check plus where dem take dey run, di wig nor fit enta.

“Laslas na near Lagos–Abeokuta Express road wey dem dey pass to Lagos and Abeokuta she take spread am,” naso GWR tok.

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