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No More Pension For Past Govinors, Deputies For Abia State

Many pipo don dey tok am for many years say e go beta if govimet for reduce di cost of governance and that one go be right step to take epp di kontri but some say no, na chopping all di way.

Di tok don give reach Abia State as di House of Majority Leader, Mr Uchenna Okoro wey dey rep Arochukwu State Constituency sponsor bill say make dem stop all di foma govinors and deputies for di state not to dey kolet pension again.

On Tuesday wey dey house come sitdon read di bill for di third time nai all of dem gree say na di best to epp dem state make all di foma govinors nor dey get any chichin again afat dem komot from office.

Even di Speaker of di House, Emmanuel Emeruwa, say di bill na immediately nai dem go start am so that all di too much spending of govimet go stop and dem go use am take so other tins  for di state.

Govinor Alex Otti stamp go buy final bustop for foma govinors and dem deputies make dem nor kolet any kind of salary again from di state hakant but instead turn am back for di betament of di state pipo.

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