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Omokri Wan Take Oseni And Arise TV To Court Cus Of Tinubu

Di gbege wey dey happen for di result of President Bola Tinubu from Chicago State University still dey cook as Reno Omokri say hin don ready to show Rufai Oseni of Arise TV and hin station to court cis of wetin dem dey tok for telley.

Omokri say Oseni and Arise station just dey karey fake news dey tell pipo about President Tinubu admission, weda hin really go CSU ans finish from there.

He stand on say CSU nor really bring document to say make dem show for court. And Omokri come say as e be so hin don ready for fight with Oseni and Arise TV on top dis mata.

He say “I nor know weda only Rufai Oseni dey tok or hin dey epp Arise News tok. If na true, nai be say nor nid for too much tok. Make we just meet for court.

“Rufai Oseni na liar, and AriseTV sef own join as dem dey tell pipo lie lie news. Bola Tinubu really go Chicago State University.

“Chicago State University nor tok say dem nor go bring evidence. And if  Rufai Oseni and AriseTV ready, then make all of us go meet for court. I be pesin wey dey keep record wella and I ready finish. #TableShaker.”




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