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South-south Governors no dey corporate

The National Chairman of the Urhobo Oil and Gas of Nationality Nigeria, Olorogun Dr. Christopher Ominimini don talk say the Governors of the South-South no dey join forces together to attract wetin suppose reach the Niger Delta like their South West counterparts.

He yarn say Niger Delta get more than 57 years of oil and gas production and no get anything to show for the oil producing communities.

Dr. Ominimi yarn dis one for one interview with our Kpoko FM wen he dey talk on the high level of underdevelopment and neglect wen dey go on for oil producing communities for Niger-Delta region even with the presence of the different interventionist agencies wen he say the Governors no dey fund well so dem fit bring the development wen the piple for oil producing communities need.

As regards the efforts wen the South-South Governors Forum dey make before now, Dr. Ominimini come talk say the Governors never ever dey united to support the Pan Niger Delta Forum when dey always dey champion the progress of the development of the region to the President, say na always their personal interest dem dey focus on and not that of the people.


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